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Fruit Bat
For the 2018 Rule

40 x 10CM Wing, 20 x 7CM Stab, Target weight 7 grams.  This one builds from the success of last year's Vanguard, but has some nice improvements--Single piece rudder, stiffer motorstick, reduced wing dihedral and camber for starters.  Cool new wingmount uses nylon screws and 1/32" basswood struts to provide excellent adjustability (fore-and-aft, increase/decrease incidence) to help trim your plane for maximum time aloft.  Covering is HDPE plastic for lightness, but tissue is included as well, which some prefer.  Included is a Sig 5.5" propset, about two fathoms of rubber*, laser-cut balsa, plywood and basswood parts, a couple of o-rings for winding, and of course, photo-illustrated instructions.  Have fun this year!

*Rubber size is going to be .07" going forward.  Some kits were equipped with .08", but after more testing I've decided to stick with .07".  In my opinion, a fully-wound loop of .08" might work out in a room with a very high ceiling (say, 40 feet or higher), but in the typical situation, .07" at around 1900 or 2000 turns seems to hit cruise at around 30-32 feet.  I would not be surprised to see 1/16th (.063") work well under a lower ceiling.

Everyone's been great, keeping order sizes down to 4 or fewer.  Heading into 2018, I would consider it a favor if you would please continue to do so.  I know this is contrary to healthy capitalistic principles (Ha!), but this has helped me keep orders flowing and lead times under control.  Not that three weeks is very good.  It's not.  Someday when I quit the day job I'll do better.     Again, thank you so much.

Please assume a 3-week delivery time.  If I beat that, so much the better.


Vanguard P-18

Nice P-18!

This one's a little simpler than the Hawk to build, but delivers that same thrill. Easy to build and trim.  Every newcomer (or old hand, for that matter) wants three little things from a plane.  It has to climb, turn and behave!  The Vanguard delivers this and more.  

Dimensions:  Wing 45 x 11 CM, Stabilizer 22.5 x 8.5 CM.  Propeller:  14 CM.  

Mass is 7.5 grams when you build it light and cover with HDPE polyethylene.  This gem comes with all materials you need, including propeller, rubber (about 10 feet), plywood and balsa laser-cut parts, HDPE and tissue covering material, O-rings to make winding easier, and informative, photo-illustrated instructions.  It's a great value.  Caution:  The Vanguard is no longer legal for Science Olympiad.


Build the Vanguard using CA or Titebond, and cover using glue stick or 3M 77 Spray adhesive.  Wanna see another cheesy LCP video?  Check this out: Vanguard at Manitou


Add a 15:1 Winder for $19 more (You're not gonna do 1000 turns by hand!)


Fits the 2016-2017 TSA rule

With apologies to Thomas Hardy, this one's a development of the Sheldon from previous years.  With a simple wingmount system, smaller chords (wing and stab), but the same gentle flying characteristics, Tess makes an excellent sport ROG plane as well.  

Includes prop, laser-cut wood, pre-bent wire landing gear, wheels, covering material (HDPE), rubber and nice instructions.  Instructions include plenty of guidance on trimming for optimal flight.

Tess Full Kit $20



Tess Without Prop $15


Mini-Sonic Outdoor

Sport outdoor flyer

Finally--something for the great outdoors!  Here's a nice one-night build that will quickly become a local park favorite.  Borrowing style cues from an old towline glider, the MSO is a 17" freeflighter that can take a little wind and live to tell the tale.  Cut from a combination of basswood, ply and balsa, this one's great for out at the field during downtime or after dinner as the sun sets.  Spray it with a little laquer and cover it in HDPE (or your favorite doped tissue) and it'll shrug off dewy mornings.  Composite basswood and balsa motorstick gives it excellent front-end strength. Entirely capable of catching lift.  Watch out!

Span:  17"  Mass:  14 g  

Includes balsa, ply and basswood parts, HDPE covering, Ikara 6" molded propset,  1/8" Tan Super Sport rubber and photo-illustrated instructions.




Hawk P-18

Fantastic intro to free flight

Here's the complete competition rule for the Hawk P-18 class.  Whether you build using this kit or build one from plans, span and length is 18", weight is not less than 7.5 grams, and the prop is 5.5" unmodified other than by adding weight to the heavy blade for balancing.  That's it! This kit uses all the Laser-Cut Planes tricks--three-panel wing construction, slotted & gussetted spars, plywood bits for a simple wingmount, detachable wing for easy transport, and builder-friendly instructions.  Constant-radius curve for the airfoil makes the dihedral joints geometrically simple, and the kit includes a tip-jig to get the angle just right.  Inexpensive tissue covering, propeller set, hook and rubber (12 feet) all included.

Here's a flight video taken at the Pueblo Southern Regional Sci Oly contest last year.  By the way, this kit doesn't quite fit the Sci Oly rule.  It's just a bit big in a couple of dimensions.




Mountain Lion Mark III

For our favorite people--Beginners!

The Mountain Lion's now in its third generation and the build gets better all the time.  Wingtip doublers, more protection for the rudder, some re-drawn wing parts, stronger motorstick all make this the best ML yet.

Purchase it singly, in a six-pack, or in bulk.  Does not meet the 2017 Science Olympiad rule.

Be careful!  Flyaways have been reported--but what a great way to lose an airplane :)

Cents of Time
Indoor Pennyplane-sized sport flyer

One of Laser-Cut Planes' oldest designs!  Still looks cool, though. This one flies on an Ikara 24CM prop using either .080 or 3/32 rubber, which gives the plane a nice rate of climb and reasonable performance.  If you're new to indoor free flight, this one would get your your first two-minute flight and beyond.  My PR with this design is 5 minutes plus, covered in film and using a wood prop.  The kit includes "poor-man's film"--High Density Polyethylene--plus all wood parts, prop hanger, hook, a couple of winding rings, rubber (.080" at the moment) and photo-illustrated instructions.  18" wingspan, around 7 g.



Split Decision

Pennyplane-sized sport model with innovative motorstick approach

You know how when you wind up a plane, the motorstick twists a bit, tilting the stab, messing with your trim? This split-stick design separates the torque-carrying part of the motorstick from the flying surface-carrying part of the motorstick.  Wind all you want, the wing and stab say aligned. As far as I know, this is the first design to operate this way.  Is it a world-beater?  Not gonna go that far, but for a nerd like me, mechanically isolating the torque is pretty cool!

18" wingpan, around 7g.  Includes HDPE covering, 24CM Ikara prop, rubber, a couple of small plywood bits & pieces and photo-illustrated instructions.  Plus all those laser-cut balsa parts, of course.




Sport Biplane with twin-tailed good looks

Two wings, two tails?  Just looked right at the time.  Now equipped with the Ikara 24 CM prop. Named for one of my favorite probability distributions! (How nerdy is that?) This one's been the lineup for a few years, but it continues to make friends with its smallish wing panels, twin tails and easy-to trim flying characteristics.  Not good for any contest rule I know of, just fun to fly.  Kit includes the usual suspects:  Laser-Cut wood, prop, rubber, hanger, hook, HDPE plastic covering material and photo-illustrated instructions.



Joe Elgin's Classic from the 1940's as a 20" stick rubber model

Don't know about you, but I think the Playboy's just about the prettiest model ever.  This one's only about 19" in span, but captures the Playboy vibe very nicely.  ROG's off the gym floor are cool, with the plane rolling left into a climb up to cruising altitude.  Trim it right and it lands just as nicely!  It's designed for indoor flying, but rumor has it that Playboys fly outdoors, too.  More than one report has come back to me about thermal fly-aways.  Don't forget to put your name and number on it! The plane is built around Ikara's molded 6" gray prop, which is  a very true-spinning propeller and provides some needed noseweight.  Peck landing gear and 3/4" wheels are included, along with about two fathoms of rubber.  Covering is HDPE, but I often cover the tips in colored tissue to add a little pizzazz.



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