Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Look! A new P-18 that also satisfies the Middle School (Division B) rule for 2016-2017.  That's right--this one gets its head around two rules!  Fly it with your AMA friends at local events or fly it in this year's Regional, State, and National competitions.  This is the aptly-named Vanguard--the first kit designed around the just-about-ready-for-prime-time new AMA class.  P-18 was the most popular contest class at the 2015 and 2016 AMA Indoor Nationals.  Try one out and see why!  From first-timers to R/C converts--or as I like to call them, "students of all ages," a P-18 is a great way to dip your toe into indoor free flight.  


Finally--An outdoor model from LCP!  Can't explain the holdup, but I think you'll like the result. Check out the Mini-Sonic Outdoor on the Kits page.  Modeled after a long out-of-production towline glider, this robust 17-incher is the perfect companion for a trip to the park!


Need a new group-build idea? The Mountain Lion Mark II boasts even simpler construction than its predecessor, smaller structures for covering, a slightly larger wingspan, updates to wing geometry and engineering, and still provides that great first-flight reliability that's made it a favorite in classrooms, group build settings and summer camps.  Purchase singly ($8), as a six-pack($30) or at the $4 per plane group-build price.  Builds with Titebond, CA, Ambroid--you name it--and best of all:  No knives or pins required.  Tax-Free purchases available for public institutions.  No-Cost shipping available for bulk purchases in the Colorado Springs area. (Which means we meet at the nearest Starbucks)

Don't forget to check out the Wood Prop Twist Jig and the Pennyplane Wood Prop Conversion Kit.  See them both in Props and Essentials


What makes kits from Laser-Cut Planes different?

For starters, there are no plans (Mountain Lion excepted)--because they're not needed! All parts are laser-cut and assembly is done by following the photos and guidance in the instructions.  Even parts you'd normally imagine must simply be sticks--wing spars--aren't. Spars are cut with integral gussets that capture and align each rib.  Then there's the ribs themselves.  They're not just a bunch of airfoil-shaped cuts in the wood that you have to measure & cut to length.  Each rib is shaped and cut properly for length, foil and height.  The instructions?  As much energy goes into the photos, writing and editing as into the designs themselves.

Indoor FF has a reputation as being only for those with the patience of the pope and the touch of a surgeon, but that's hogwash.  I'm convinced that a well-designed kit can make free flight not only accessible, but enjoyable to a whole lot of new fliers.  Rookies especially--you have just as much right to a well-flying airplane as anyone, and you don't have to march barefoot across the Himalayas for the privilege.  Live a little--try a kit from Laser-Cut Planes.  

The Laser-Cut Planes Guarantee:  A kit you're delighted with!  Anything short of that simply won't fly.  Should you have trouble building or trimming one of my kits, please let me help you.  They'll all fly well--I guarantee it.  Check out some hints on the Support page.

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